Augmented video
for visual debriefings.

Align videos, photos and audio with boat data.

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Requires Mac OS X 10.12 or higher.
Windows version coming in early 2020.

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Boat Data & Video

Njord Player supports a wide range of log file formats. Customize which metrics appear on the video.

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Precise Alignment

Ensure that videos and photos match your data and are aligned precisely to the (sub-)second.

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Multi-Screen Playback

Set up playback on multiple screens with any number of videos and photos for an immersive visual debrief.


Race-Aware Timeline

Quickly identify relevant situations throughout the day. Our race-aware timeline automatically highlights races, legs and maneuvers.
Available media from all sources is highlighted so bringing up the best parts of the footage is quick and easy.

Configure Data Overlays

Choose from any of the available metrics in your log file.
Prestart and race metrics are configured individually.


Batch Export Photos

Export all your rig shots or stills from video with data from the correct time overlaid on the image.


Align Timestamps

In case your media timestamps are off, adjustments are easily done using visual references and you can apply the same time adjustment to all files from a certain recording device.

Supported Data Formats

Log Data

Supports a wide range of log file types (GPX, KML, Velocitek, Sensorlog app (iOS), Yacht Device Voyage Recorder, NMEA Data Logger, TruSail, OpenCPN, Anemomind, Sailmon, Deckman, Expedition, Adrena, Bravo, FaRo, VSPARS and custom formats).

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Supports any type of video files, photos and screenshots, or audio (voice) recordings.

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