Import Media

How to load video, photos and audio into Njord Player

To add media assets to a document:

  1. Open the media group configuration screen by clicking on the name of any media group (Video by default) in the timeline of the main window, or on the Add Media button in the respective notification bar (see screenshot below).
  2. Add one or more media assets via the Add Assets button.
  3. The asset file timestamp and the file time zone will be autodetected in many cases. If the autodetected values are not correct, you may change them using respective fields. Select multiple assets to change the time zone for multiple assets at the same time.
Adding media to an empty document

Supported Media Formats

File TypeExtensionsNotes
VideoMP4, MOV

The file timestamp is taken from the capture date recorded in the video file (falls back to file creation date if unavailable)

When recording video using DJI drones, it is recommended to enable theVideo Caption option and retain the generated .SRT files. These files will allow the Njord Player app to accurately detect file timestamp offsets that may be present in DJI video files.

When using newer GoPro models, select time stamp source QuickTime Time Code = Start of video in Njord Player to make consecutive clips align correctly.

Njord Player supports MP4 files using the AVC/H.264 codec or the HEVC/H.265 codec. Playing back videos in the HEVC/H.265 codec requires a faster computer than playing back videos in the AVC/H.264 codec. If you experience poor video playback performance, consider changing the camera setting to AVC/H.264.

PhotoJPG, PNGThe file timestamp is taken from the photo capture date recorded in the file's EXIF tags (falls back to file creation date if unavailable)
AudioMP3, WAV, M4AThe file timestamp is taken from the file creation date.

Note: File creation dates are typically preserved when copying your media assets from SD cards etc. However, when sending media assets via the internet (Email, Dropbox), file creation dates are often reset. If possible, import media assets into the app immediately after copying them from the device/SD card.

Managing Assets using Media Groups

When importing media assets from different (concurrent) media sources, you can add them to different media groups to enable concurrent playback.

To configure which media group is played back in a video window, use the selection field at the top right.