The Modern Analytics and Coaching App for Professional Sailing Teams

Makes your day on the water intuitively accessible, and allows your team to learn and improve on the most critical areas.

  • Import recorded boat data and video, photo and audio material within minutes after docking in (supported file formats: GPX, KML, Velocitek, NMEA Data Logger, Voyager, Expedition, Deckman, Adrena, Bravo, FaRo, VSPARS and custom formats)
  • Replay the most important race situations using the race-aware timeline, which highlights gun times, upwind/downwind legs and maneuvers automatically
  • Align timestamps with sub-second precision so that the superimposed boat metric numbers match exactly the situation you're seeing in the video/photo (displayed metrics are configurable separately before/after gun)
  • Multi-screen layouts and parallel playback of multiple video/photo streams (e.g. drone & cockpit video/audio)
  • Competitors tracks displayed on map to visualize and discuss tactical decisions on the water (e.g. based on data from VirtualEye or TracTrac)
  • Export selected photos or video stills with superimposed boat metric numbers to share with your team
  • Insights into the boat's performance on each race leg as well as in maneuvers, and compare with historical performance or with training partners (coming soon)

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Large Plan Boat OutlineLarge
149 EURper month
Small/Medium Data Formats plus
Deckman, Expedition,
Adrena, Bravo, FaRo, VSPARS
Video/Photo Tracks
Training Partner and
Competitor Data
Medium Plan Boat OutlineMedium
59 EURper month
Small Data Formats plus
Yacht Device Voyage Recorder,
NMEA Data Logger, TruSail
Video/Photo Tracks
Training Partner and
Competitor Data
Small Plan Boat OutlineSmall
25 EURper month
Import Data From
Velocitek, GPX, KML,
iOS/Android Sensorlog app
Video/Photo Track
Boat per Document

All plans grant a personal, non-transferrable license to the Njord Player application, which permits the licensee to use the application on one computer.

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