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TracTrac Tracking Data

Njord Analytics and Njord Player support TracTrac tracking data.


To make tracking data from a sailing event recorded on the TracTrac tracking platform available in Njord Analytics, you typically require approval from the event organizers, and you need to request permission for Njord Analytics to the TracTrac API on your behalf. Please contact one of the following, ideally a few days ahead of the event:

  • The organizer of your sailing event
  • The person responsible for managing TracTrac trackers/tracking at the event
  • The TracTrac company directly at

To ensure that data can be accessed by Njord Analytics, please ask your contact to apply the following configuration on the management page of the event:

  • KML Download needs to be enabled for the TracTrac event in question
  • Permission needs to be granted to the user for the TracTrac event in question

You can verify if the tracked event is available on TracTrac and whether the required configuration has been applied by TracTrac by selecting the event on the Njord Analytics Tracking Page. Select any race in that event, and you will see a warning in case KML Download is not yet enabled for the TracTrac event in question. In this case, please work with your contact to resolve any issues.

Finally, once the correct configuration is in place, please contact us referencing the event ID and name to have races imported into Njord Analytics.

You may also find more information on the TracTrac vendor website:

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