All Supported Data Sources

Pixel Sur Mer Log Files

Njord Analytics and Njord Player support Pixel Sur Mer log files.

File Extension: CSV


Reads data logged from the Exocet Blue data logger. Convert data with the PSM file extension to CSV using Pixel’s PSM decoder software.

When using the PSM decoder software, we recommend the following settings:

  • Resample to not more than 5-10 Hz (unless you have a specific need for higher sample rates in Njord Analytics)
  • Select “Dates in UTC” setting
  • Select “Display milliseconds” setting
  • Select “Unchanged data behavior: last known value”

Some variable name prefixes will be stripped to convert variable names to standard Njord names. Those prefixes are: INS_RMC_, INS_PSBGB_, SIlver_BSP_, SIlver_LEEWAY_, and SIlver_WIND_.

You can rename other variables using the PSM decoder software, to control which of the Exocet variables are mapped to the standard Njord names like SOG, COG, BoatSpeed, Heading, TWA, TWS, TWD, Heel, Trim, and Rudder.

Trouble loading data? Contact our support team and we'll be glad to help.

You may also find more information on the Pixel Sur Mer vendor website:

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