All Supported Data Sources

CSV Log Files

Njord Analytics and Njord Player support CSV log files.

File Extension: CSV


Many types of CSV files are supported, even if they don’t exactly match the format of one of the vendors listed on the data sources overview page. Please read the format specification below if you would like to output your data in a way that Njord Analytics can understand.

It is crucial that accurate timestamp information is contained in the CSV file. The timestamp column could be named: Timestamp, Datetime, ISODateTimeUTC, SecondsSince1970, or similar. It may contain time information as an ISO 8601 formatted time string (e.g. 2022-04-29T13:09:29.149Z), as seconds or milliseconds since 1970 (Unix format, e.g. 1651237769149), or as days since 2000 (Excel format). Other string formats are also supported, but only in YMD or DMY order - MDY order is not supported. Always prefer UTC timestamps, although support for time in local timezones is available as a configuration option in the upload form.

Lat and Lon columns are mandatory, and should be formatted as decimal degrees ( ddd.dddddd).

For other common metrics, please match the Njord standard names. Those are: SOG, COG, BoatSpeed, Heading, TWA, TWS, TWD, Heel, Trim, and Rudder. You may include more columns than that, of course.

To automatically find starts, and the start line, you may include the following columns:

  • TimeToGun (in seconds): to indicate start times.
  • Portlat, Portlon, Stbdlat and Stbdlon (all in decimal degrees ddd.dddddd): to indicate the start line position. It is sufficient if these values appear in at least one row in the CSV file before the start (e.g. when the line is pinged). You don’t need to fill the entire file.

Please refer to the following sample file: njord-csv-sample.csv

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