Import Boat Data

How to load boat log files into Njord Player

To add boat log files to a document:

  1. Open the Race Data window by clicking the Race Data toolbar button in the main document window.
  2. Select the boat you want to add data for. Use the default "My Boat" boat, or enter the name of your boat for clarity.
  3. Add a boat log file (see below for supported formats) via the Add Log File button or by dragging the file onto the list view.

Supported Boat Data Log File Formats

Data SourceNotes
Actisense (CSV)Supports NMEA 2000 CSV files exported from Actisense EBL Reader (undecoded CSV format)
Adrena (CSV, TRZ)

Reads TRZ files or CSV files (French CSV headers)

Also reads polars in Adrena format (POL).

Anemomind (CSV)
Bravo Performance (TXT)Reads Instruments.txt/Performance.txt files, or data exported from RaceCutter. Also, reads starts from StartFeatures files

Many types of CSV files can be automatically loaded, even if they are not supported explicitly by any of the file types listed on this page. Please contact us at if you have questions.

Cyclops (CSV)Reads CSV files generated by the Smart Fittings Manager app.
Deckman (CSV)

Reads Deckman CSV files.

Deckman may save data from multiple days into one file. For best results, make sure to only export data from one day.

Note: The date format needs to be dd/mm/yy or dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd, not mm/dd/yy.

Also reads polars in Deckman format, and Deckman start files (D).

Expedition (CSV)

Reads Expedition CSV files – either standard CSV files written to disk by Expedition, or files exported using Expedition's extract feature (to select exported columns) - when using the extract feature, the format needs to be set to "CSV".

In particular, supports reading time to gun, and the port, starboard and mark coordinates to automatically populate race information.

Reads comments and sail change information from Expedition event files (TXT), which can be loaded alongside the main log file.

Reads polars in Expedition format (TXT).

Reads Expedition routes exported in GPX format.

Expedition mark files may be loaded when entering the race course in Njord Analytics, to help with coordinate input.

FaRo (CSV)Reads FaRo CSV files.
Garmin (FIT, TCX)Includes support for heart rate data.
GPXReads Lat/Lon data. COG and SOG are calculated from Lat/Lon data.
Helmsmart (CSV)
Igtimi NMEA 0183 (NMA)

Reads Lat/Lon data. COG and SOG are calculated from Lat/Lon data.

Note: Not all KML files will work. The KML file needs to contain Placemark elements, with Point and Timestamp sub-elements. Track polylines without time information will not work.

KND OnboardAssistant (XML)Reads comments and sail change information, which can be loaded alongside the main log file.
NMEA 0183 (TXT)Data may be stored in consecutive files (00000001.TSV, 00000002.TSV, etc.); select all files from one day and import them together.
Novasail (GPX)Reads Novasail GPX files, including data for Heading, Heel and Trim.
OpenCPN NMEA 0183 (NMEA)
Racegeek (CSV)
Sailmon (CSV)Reads CSV files from Sailmon E4 data processors, the Sailmon MAX or the Sailmon app.
Sensorlog iOS App (CSV)
TruSail (CSV)Reads TruSail CSV files only. Make sure to not add "B1"/"B2"/... prefixes when exporting CSV from Trusail. TruSail LOG or KML files are not supported.
Velocitek (VCC, VTK)

2020 models (or later): Reads VTK files copied from the device.

Earlier models: Reads VCC files saved from Velocitek Control Center. It is recommended to use this format, instead of exporting as GPX or KML.

Voyage Recorder NMEA 2000 (DAT)

Data is stored in consecutive files (00010001.DAT, 00010002.DAT, etc.); select all files from one day and import them together.

Also reads CSV files exported from the YDVRConv converter app.

VSPARS (CSV)Reads VSPARS CSV files (VsparsSailLog_DATE.csv), which can be loaded alongside the main log file to add VSPARS data.
Yachtbot (CSV)

Various customer-specific formats are supported. To get support for your file or data type, please contact us at

Adding Multiple Boats

You may add multiple boats to the same document. This can be useful to show training partners or competitors in addition to your own boat.

Currently, all metrics displayed in the application are taken from the main boat only (shown in bold). To set a boat as the main boat, use the "Make Main" button. Future versions of the app will improve this behavior.