Adding Wind Data

Useful when you have basic tracking data (Lat/Lon/COG/SOG) only

If there is no wind instrument on your boat that can be recorded in the boat's log file, there are 3 ways to add True Wind Direction (TWD) data to the analysis. Check out the videos below for a tutorial on each option.

1. Using Inferred TWD

Use the TWD Inference feature to let the system infer True Wind Direction throughout the day. It uses maneuver angles from tacks and gybes, and will also follow wind shifts when sailing straight. Having TWD data available (even if only estimated), unlocks features such as VMG gain/loss analysis which can be performed on any part of a test or lineup.

2. Adding in TWD from Other Sources

When sailing small boats, it can often be easiest to measure true wind from off the boat, such as from a coach boat or nearby buoy. Wind data can be uploaded in any of the supported formats, and easily copied over to boats sailing in the same time period.

3. Setting TWD/TWS to Fixed Values

Even when wind data is not otherwise available or cannot be inferred, adding fixed values for TWD and TWS can enhance the data and provide TWA and VMG estimates. This is how to add the values to your log file.